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Furever Fostered

As a furever foster, you provide the love and kisses. As a rescue, we provide the food and medical care. Being a furever foster is as challenging as it is rewarding. German Shepherds coming out of the shelter system, all need the encouragement, guidance and support of a furparent. That one person in their life who will understand where they have been and care about where they are going tomorrow. Becoming a furever foster furparent is just that. It is taking that leap of faith, reaching out and stepping up to the challenge of helping a German Shepherd in need. It is about being someone who will stand by them when the chips are down. Opening your home to a German Shepherd may make all the difference in their lives. There are so many life lessons and family experiences to share when you choose to furever foster. If this is who you are or who you want to be, becoming a RGSR furever foster furparent may just be what you are looking for. Start your application today.

Boone giving his mom kisses.

Giving my furmom, Peg, kisses!


Boone (f.k.a. Spike) has found a furever foster! We rescued this California hottie from a high-kill shelter where he came in as an owner surrender. Sadly his previous owner was not able to keep up with the demands of two German Shepherds. Signs of neglect were evident when Boone arrived here but a few months later, he has gained some weight and his coat has improved tremendously. Boone is now living up life with his furbrother, Cocoa and furmom, Peg and totally loves being spoiled.

Boone's shelter intake photo.
Boone's freedom walk!

  Shelter Intake            Freedom Walk

Boone relaxing with his favorite toy.

Boone relaxing


Star and her foster sister.

About to eat my sister! ;-)

Star has soared into a furever foster! This sweet girl 16 year old gal was brought to a high-kill shelter and dumped by her owners, because they thought she had had a stroke. Turns out she only has  vestibular disease which affects her balance occasionally and causes mild stroke like symptoms from time to time. Star is loving life in her retirement home. She adores playing and eating all the snow in sight during winter months. In the spring and summer, she has a great time frolicking in the yard and chasing all the wildlife. 

We are blessed to have an angel, Debbie, who sponsors Star's care and expenses.

Star's shelter intake photo.
Star's freedom ride!

  Shelter Intake            Freedom Ride

Star relaxing.

Star enjoying retirement

Liz and Dick

Liz and Dick

Liz (right) and Dick (left) have found a furever foster!  These two are having a whirlwind romance and can't bear to be apart from each other or their foster family. Liz and Dick met in California and were brought into the shelter together by Animal Control. With the help of our Miracle GSD Family, we sprung these two lovebirds and soon after they started their journey here. Traveling coast to coast; they saw the sights, shared moonlit walks together and their bond strengthened. By the time they arrived here, the two were inseparable, their hearts entwined. As Liz told us she is "unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Dick."  Dick had this to say about Liz, "Whatever our souls are made out of, hers and mine are the same." Yeah, Dick is a bit of a romantic at 6 years old and apparently well read. Liz is in her golden years, we think she is about 11 years young and she loves resting in the sun. 

If you are interested in helping out with their monthly care, please let us know.

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