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Tails of Success




Taffy has been adopted! She is the newest addition to the Madison family, who have renamed her Bella! Taffy's EPI didn't stop the Madisons from seeing what a wonderful furkid she would be. Happy Tails Bella!


Oso has a difficult choice ahead of him...Cubs or White Sox. Why? He is Chi-Town's newest addition. This fabulous boy has been adopted! Al and Joy were looking for a new furkid to spoil rotten and fell in love with Oso at first sight. Oso, now Karma, fell in love with them too. He was so comfortable with them during our meet/greet, he took a nap on their rug.  When we tried to take him outside to show Al and Joy how we had been getting him in/out of the car (he is nervous with that big jump), he whined and would not go. He was home! Happy Tails Karma!




The other half of our Dynamic Duo has been adopted! Nope you read that correctly, Alikay has found his furver home. Alikay was rescued from deplorable conditions in California, living in his own filth with little access to food or water. Now this sweet and handsome boy doesn't have to worry about that anymore. He is the newest addition to Eric, Joy and Emily's family. They are overjoyed to bring him into their home and shower this guy with love. Alikay is pretty excited to have three cats to keep him company as well. (The kittys were a little camera shy.) Thank you to Miracle GSD Network for helping us rescue Alikay and thank you Eric, Joy and Emily for opening your hearts and home to this extra special guy. Happy Tails Alikay!


What is the best way to start off the New Year? An Adoption! Herra has been adopted! With the help of Miracle GSD Network, we rescued this happy-go-lucky gal whose tail is always wagging from a high-kill shelter in California when she came in as a stray. Greg took one look at her and knew he had to meet her. So he packed the family up, braved the cold and wind, and journeyed to Indiana. (Hey anytime you travel through Chicago, it is a journey.) It only took a short time and they knew that they wanted to make Herra a part of their family. Herra, now Holley, adored Greg and Liz's son, Chase and couldn't wait to play some morewith their furkid, Lola. Happy Tails Holley!











Love is definitely in the air, Raphael was adopted! With the help of Miracle GSD Network, we rescued this hunk from a high-kill shelter in California when he came in as a stray. After a hiccup with transport, Raphael arrived at the rescue with the help of Sue, a volunteer fromJourney Home GSD Rescue. Despite Raphael having Pannus, Barb, Bill and their daughters, Kaitlin and Sarah, knew they wanted to meet this handsome and fluffy fella. During the meet and greet, they fell in love and decided to adopt him. He is fitting in great and loves to play with his fursister, Abby. Happy Tails Raphael!











The luck of the Irish is definitely with Bosco because this fortuitous fellow has been adopted! With the help of Miracle GSD Network, we rescued Bosco from a high kill shelter in California where despite his sweet and gentle nature, he had little interest from local adopters because of his rear hips. Mat and Lauren, having lost Elli, their GSD, to cancer, knew they were ready to open their hearts to a rescue and they wanted it to be an older, more mellow dog. After spending just a short time with Bosco, Mat and Lauren knew Bosco was just want they were looking for.(And judging by the second picture we took at our meet and greet, Bosco knew exactly what he was looking for.) Bosco is super excited to spend his days hanging out with his human siblings, Landen and Layla (who was taking a nap by the time we got the cameras out), and take walks and romp with his fur-brother, Izzo. We are so glad you found your pot of gold, Happy Tails Bosco!


Cue the fireworks and get the sparklers ready, Athena has been adopted! Tom, Lauren, Jack and Hank (GSD) are super excited to have a new addition, now renamed Maida,  to their family. Happy Tails Maida!


Rocky the Rockstar, through no fault of his own, found himself singing solo when he was left at a high-kill shelter in Texas. He hopped on the tour bus and made his way to the rescue in Indiana. Well this little fella won't be singing solo anymore, he was adopted! Gordie, Brandi, Sydney and Kennedy (and Ruger the Lab not pictured) were more than excited to make him part of their band. Rocky, now Rumpelstiltskin, is very happy he has a family that loves and adores him and one he can jam with furever!  Happy Tails Rumpelstiltskin!




The Awesome Abby has been adopted. This sweet girl was surrendered to her local shelter after spending 6 months living her life chained to a tree. She now has an amazing family and a new name...Meet Athena! Athena will never have to worry about being unloved, ignored and neglected again. Uditt, Ku and Rena are going to give her the life she deserves, full of love and good times. Athena also has a fursister, Bailey, to show her the ropes and teach her how to have fun. To keep her in line, Ashes the cat, is on the job! Thank you guys so much for opening your home and hearts to this wonderful girl. Happy Tails Athena!


Elijah has been adopted! After being found wandering on a freeway in Chicago in March of 2015, Elijah was brought to the rescue with the help of Rettungs-Haus Shepherds Inc. He turned out to be Heartworm positive, when he was healthy enough we began treatment. Jamison, Meagan and their family decided to foster Elijah through his treatment until he found his furver home. During that time, Elijah wandered into their hearts and they knew they could not let this sweet older senior go. So they have decided to make him a permanent part of their pack. Elijah couldn't be more excited, after all he found his furever home and he has his own apple tree in the backyard to keep watch over. Someone or rather some dog has to keep those long-legged beasties away from the fruity red treasures, and who better than Elijah? Happy Tails Elijah!












Donner has found his furever home! With the help of Miracle GSD Network, we rescued this gorgeous guy from a high-kill shelter in California where he came in as a stray. When he arrived at the rescue his time on the street was very evident in his physical appearance. Enter his fostermom, Karen, she helped Donner gain weight and most important helped him to learn to trust again. From almost the first day we posted about Donner, Greg and his family were asking about him. They had lost their beloved German Shepherd two years earlier to cancer and were finally ready to open their hearts to another one. It was clear to us that Donner was ready to open his heart to Greg, Stephanie and their family. He absolutely adores his new human siblings, Blaine and Addison, and loves his fur-bro, Dynamite. Greg and Stephanie are overjoyed with their new furry addition. Happy Tails Donner! 










Some-bunny special got adopted, Myrna! With the help of Miracle GSD Network, we rescued Myrna from a high kill shelter in California where she came in as a stray after the Fourth of July. Why no one was looking for this plush coated princess was beyond us. When she arrived at the rescue, our fluffy ball of energy let us know that not just any home would do, she had a list of exactly what she was looking for. She wanted a family that would love her tons, give her all the attention and stimulation she wants and the exercise that she needs. After several months and many applicants, Myrna found a home that checked off all her requirements. She is super happy to announce that she is now a part of Courtney and Keegan's family. Courtney works at a local pet training and boarding facility and gets to bring Myrna to work with her! Not sure who is luckier...Myrna because she gets to go to work with her mom or Courtney who gets to bring her furkid to work. Happy Tails Myrna!


Wahoo! Our gorgeous California gal, Kiki, has found her furever family. Kiki was rescued with the help of Miracle GSD Network from a high-kill shelter where she came in as an owner surrender. Sadly her previous owner could not provide adequete care for two German Shepherds but lucky for Kiki, we were ready to step in. Enter Ray and Debbie who had been searching for several months for an addition to their family when they came across Kiki on our webpage. After meeting Kiki and spending some time with her, they knew they had found what they were looking for and Kiki knew she was home. Happy Tails Kiki!


Our jewel from The Lone Star State has been adopted! Jules was rescued at the zero hour from a high-kill shelter in Mesquite, Texas back in June of 2015. Upon arriving at our vet in Texas, they discovered that Jules was heartworm positive. Having dealt with heartworm treatment before at the rescue, we were prepared. Our pawsome volunteer, Nancy, brought our sweet southern princess to us and about 3 months after her pull date, Jules was healthy enough to begin treatment. She tackled heartworm treatment like a pro, it was almost as if she knew that she needed to remain calm and relaxed despite her upbeat and energetic personality. For several months we searched for the perfect home for our goofy and loveable southern belle. Courtney and Joe, who after meeting her knew without a doubt that she was the gal for them. Jules has been settling in great and loves being the only goofball in their lives. Happy Tails Jules!


Gustafson, our dapper gent from Cali, has found a place to call his own! With the help of Miracle GSD Network, we rescued Gustafson (or Gus as we affectionately call him at the rescue) from a high-kill California shelter where he was at risk for being euthanized for space. When Gus arrived at the rescue, we knew we had just the match for this super goofy lady's man. We had an application that truly touched our hearts, a young Keeshound, Tinely, had lost her bestest furbuddy in April and was still moping. We knew Gus was just the guy to remind Tinley of how much fun life can be with a goofball around. Best of all, Gus is super excited to be part of Tinley and Laura's family. Happy Tails Gus!


Yay, Emma has found her furever family! In late June, with the help of Miracle GSD Network, we rescued sweet Emma from a high-kill shelter where she was at risk for euthanization simply because the shelter needed space. With her gentle nature, Emma stole our hearts and the hearts of her new parents, Jodell and Gordon. This gorgeous girl has fit right in and loves to play in her huge back yard with her fursister, Misty. (Misty is a goofball and peaking out from underneath the table cloth.) Happy Tails Emma!


Wahoo! Phoenix has been adopted! With the help of Miracle GSD Network and their supporters, we were able to save this beautiful girl from a high-kill shelter where she had no interest. Like the mythical bird that provided her namesake, Phoenix rose from the ashes of her former life, radiant and shimmering and has started anew with her mom, Esther, and fursister, Tabitha. Phoenix is super excited to romp and run with Tabitha, in their fenced in yard that is huge! Happy Tails Phoenix!


Frost has found her furever home! This beautiful gal came into a high-kill shelter as a stray and immediately melted our hearts. With the help of Miracle GSD Network (and all it's pawsome supporters) we rescued Frost before she could be euthanized because the shelter needed to make room for the on-slot of July 4th strays. When Frost arrived at the rescue, she told us that she was looking for some paw-rrific muggles to spend her days with. Well we knew the perfect magical family; Andrea, Matt, Severus "Rus" and Sydney! (Severus and Sydney were eating some lunch and getting ready for naptime by the time we got the camera out for the adoption photo.) Frost, now Dani, is getting settled in and loves chilling out in her back yard. Happy Tails Dani!


A round of ap-paws...Sabre has been adopted! With the help of Miracle GSD Network and its' paw-rrific supporters, we rescued our amber-eyed charmer from a high-kill shelter where he came in as a stray before July 4th and was at risk for euthanization to make space. And a charmer he was, everyone he met fell in love with him and his zest for life. But Sabre wasn't just looking for people to dote and love on him, he wanted adventure and excitement. (A Jedi, he is not.) His new furparents, Alexis and Sean, were looking for a pup who could keep up with their active lifestyle and join in their every endeavor. They were everything a young and active furkid could want and more. A huge shout-out to Muppy, the stuffed Beagle, for welcoming Sabre into his home and sharing the love. Happy Tails Sabre!


Ember has found a fantastic furever home! Even better, the Blackhawks got a new furry fan to bark at every goal and growl at every unfair penalty. Ember will be living it up in Chicago with Milan and his family. When Milan was in the military, he worked with German Shepherds and fell in love with the breed. He knew for a long time that he wanted one for his family and once he saw Ember, he knew his wait was over. Ember is super excited to have a new mom, Pavlina, and two new sisters, Annie and Veronika to love and dote on her. Milan is excited to have a new buddy to watch hockey with him this winter. A super huge thank you from us for opening your hearts and home to this special gal. Happy Tails Ember!


Raise a paw, Cooper has been adopted! With the assistance of Miracle GSD Network, we rescued this hunk from the Michiana Humane Society. Cooper and his father, Archie, came into the shelter as owner surrenders. It was clear from the beginning that Cooper needed an adopter that would stimulate his mind and allow him to be the active dog he is. Enter Lane, who had been working with several rescues and just hadn't found the right fit for him and his two cats, Milo and Smoochie. It was clear from the first meeting that these two were going to hit it off and be best buds. Milo and Smoochie took some convincing and cat treats. Cooper is getting along fabulously at his new home and loves being the Badger's newest fan. Happy Tails Cooper!


Huzzah! Rueger has found a furever home! We rescued Rueger from a local shelter in December where he came in as an owner surrender. The shelter reached out to us because Rueger needed medical care after he sustained an injury to his paw from another pup kenneled next to him. We knew from the start we were destined to help our amber-eyed hunk. We did find a home for him but he was returned a few months later through no-fault of his own. Jennifer and John had been looking for an addition to their active family but hadn't found the right fit. They met several of the pups at the rescue but fell in love with Rueger and decided to make his part of their family. Rueger is adoring all the attention from Drake and Austin, his new brothers, and Brooke, his new sister. He loves all the exercise he is getting and is doing well. Happy Tails Rueger! 


We are continuing our New Year Celebration with another adoption...we rescued Archie from the Michiana Humane Society in August with the help of Miracle GSD Network and their paw-riffic supporters. Even though Archie had been an owner surrender, he was in need of some TLC. He had a tumor on his head that needed to be removed and his ears were so swollen and clogged that he had to be sedated to have them looked at initially. After several months of various medications working on both the inside and out, Archie was finally ready to start anew with Laurel and Tom. Archie is absolutely loving his "second chance at life" as well as his new home and furever family. Happy Tails Archie!  


Three cheers! Alexa has been adopted. With the help of Miracle GSD Network, we rescued this stunner from a high-kill shelter where she was at serious risk for euthanasia. Alexa had been adopted in January to a family after she came in as a stray. The family was not ready for the required commitment when they adopted a young German Shepherd. After a few weeks they returned her to the shelter, which now being an "owner surrender" meant Alexa could be put to sleep immediately. We stepped up without hesitation knowing how dire the situation was. Realizing that Alexa would require boundaries and guidance into adulthood, we began our search for the right home. We received an application from Bob and Laurel, and they found themselves without a furry family member for the first time in 30 years and they had experience with headstrong breeds having Belgian Shepherds in the past. Alexa knew it was love at first tail wag when met Bob and Laurel. She started playing with all the toys, ran around the backyard, took a snooze and we knew she was home. Alexa has been settling in great and such a joy to have around. Happy Tails Alexa! 


We are ringing in the New Year with an adoption! Our hunka-hunka burning love, Theseus, has found his furever home. With the help of Miracle GSD Network and all their fabulous supporters, we rescued Theseus from a high-kill shelter in California. When Theseus arrived at the rescue, his time as a stray was obvious. He was underweight and his ears were severely fly-stricken. Despite all that he had been through, he was still a giant love-bug who was gentle and sweet. We figured that finding him a home would be simple, he was an excellent dog with a pawsome personality - the whole package, but families kept overlooking him because of his ears. However Louise and Rich knew what a treasure Theseus was when they met him. He was just what they had been looking for to round out their family. Samone was extremely excited to have a playmate and companion to chase her. (Samone loves to run!) Theseus, now Caesar, has been settling in great and is loving his new life! Happy Tails Caesar!


We are starting the weekend off right with an adoption! Homer was rescued from a high-kill shelter in California with the help of Miracle GSD Network and it's pawsome supporters. Little Homer was a very sick puppy. Immediately after leaving the shelter, he was taken to our vet. He spent two months there getting over a severe respiratory infection then he began his trip here. Finally the day before our first big snowfall, Homer arrived in Indiana. Then we started searching for the right family for him. We received many great applications but the story Daina and Erin told in theirs really touched our hearts. Daina is an officer with her local police department and in September, she lost her K9 Partner, Scout, of 7 years to cancer. But Scout wasn't just a work partner, he was a member of their family and the loss was felt deeply by both. After some time had passed, they began volunteering and fostering with another local rescue until they were ready to open their hearts and homes to a new family member. In just a short time into their meet and greet, we knew Homer had finally found a place to call his own. Homer, now Hank, is loving life in the big city and looking forward to all the adventures it holds. Happy Tails Hank! 


Join us in a happy dance because Perseus has found his forever home! This handsome fella came to the rescue as a stray after the 4th of July. After meet and greets with several families, Perseus didn't seem to click with anyone. But we didn't lose hope because we knew somewhere his perfect home was waiting. Finally after 7 months, Perseus' wait was over. Immediately he clicked with Mike and Donna, giving out kisses to both. It was obvious from the start that this was the family he had been waiting for. Happy Tails Perseus!


Wowie Zowie, Kimber has found a place to call her own! This stunning gal came into the rescue as an owner surrender and we knew finding the right home for her was crucial. She needed a family committed to continuing her training and an atmosphere that would stimulate her active and intelligent nature. Chris and Angela were looking to round out their family and the right fit (kid friendly, senior dog friendly, young dog friendly) was crucial for them too. Soon into their meet and greet, it was clear that Kimber would be a good fit for their active family and have plenty to do. The kids; Landon (right), Brady (left) and Kinsley (the pretty princess in the tutu), and the pups, Schembechler (left) and Oscar (right) are super excited to have a new sister. And Marshall (the little guy) will have the cleanest cheeks around with all of Kimber's sloppy kisses. Happy Tails Kimber!


Yippie Charli has found her furever home! Charli was rescued from the Jackson County Humane Society in Southern Indiana with her fur-brother, Luke. They had originally come into another shelter as an owner surrender because of a change in a landlord's pet policy. Well the great folks at Jackson County stepped in and brought both of them into their care when Luke was in danger of being euthanized. They contacted us and we knew we had to help these pawsome pups. We knew Charli needed an active home to keep her on her toes and feeling young and we had just the right family in mind. Charli is super excited to have two new fur-brothers to boss around and five human siblings to keep track of. On the couch (from left to right) Tabitha, Eli, Mason lifting up Apollo so he isn't missed, James and Kenna. On the floor(from left to right) the beautiful Charli, Colton and Raelyn who are holding Ares. Happy Tails Charli!


Give a cheer! Luke has been adopted. Luke was rescued from the Jackson County Humane Society in Southern Indiana with his fur-sister, Charli. They had originally come into another shelter as an owner surrender because of a change in a landlord's pet policy. When Luke arrived at the rescue, he charmed all the volunteers with his laid back manner and goofy antics. We knew that Luke deserved a home where he could be the center of attention and get all the spoiling he deserved. Sara and Jason had recently lost their German Shepherd, Jackson, and were looking for a companion for their active lifestyle. Sara missed having a buddy to run with and Jason missed having a friend to throw the frisbee with or rather to. It didn't take long at the meet and greet to realize that Luke was what they were looking for. Luke has fit right into their lives and loves all the attention he is getting. Happy Tails Luke!


Shout a cheer because Scarlett and Junior are now officially farmers! These two came into our rescue as owner surrenders through Porter County Pet Clinic. Unfortunately their previous owner could no longer care for them and thought his only option was to euthanize. Fortunately our wonderful vet intervened on their behalf and convinced the owner to turn them over to us so we could find them a home. We made Junior an honorary "GSD" because we never leave a man behind. Amanda who works at the clinic took them home with her that evening and fostered them for us. She was a great foster mom and didn't even blink an eye when I asked her if she could chicken test Junior somehow. Even though we had not set out to adopt them together, we had a family interested in both but they live on a farm and have livestock as well as chickens. Well Junior passed his chicken test, yes Amanda is that pawsome and chicken tested Junior for us with her neighbor's chickens. The duo met Bonnie and Ray who fell in love with the pairs' affectionate and outgoing nature. After many kisses and licks, Junior and Scarlett were home. They have been doing wonderful at their new home and settling in great to life on the farm. Happy Tails Junior and Scarlett!


We are excited to announce that Ollie is home! We rescued this tall drink of water from the Michiana Humane Society where he came in as an owner surrender. Sadly Ollie's previous family didn't have time for a dog and decided the best thing was to turn him over to the shelter. Their loss and definitely Lois and Mike's gain as Ollie is a great dog that checks all the boxes. Ollie is one lucky pup too, he gets to go to work with them everyday and get spoiled at home like he deserves with walks around their wooded home. At dusk, he relaxes on his soft bed with his belly full from a home cooked meal and watches the deer play in the backyard. Happy Tails Ollie!


Yippee! Tara has found her furever home! This gorgeous dark-masked beauty was rescued with the help of the Miracle GSD Network from a high-kill shelter in California where she had come in as a stray. Jim, Melissa and Bear had recently lost their beloved furry family member, Dolly and Bear was having a rough time without his friend. We knew that Tara was just the pup that Bear was looking for in a friend; sweet and easy going, but still playful and ready for fun. Melissa says that Tara has been settling in great in her new home and is a "joy and treasure" covering everyone with kisses. She and Bear have become inseparable and play together like they have known each other forever. Happy Tails Tara!


How about some fabulous news today? Minnie has been adopted! This spunky girl was rescued with the help of the Miracle GSD Network from a high-kill shelter in California. Minnie was in more danger than most Shepherds at the shelter because she was an owner surrender (for escaping from her yard) and being an owner surrender meant she was an immediate risk for euthanization. Without hesitation we stepped in for this little Houdini. It didn't take long for us to realize that Minnie was escaping from her yard because she was bored and always left alone. We knew we had to find the right home where she would be the center of attention and stimulated mentally. Paula, an experienced GSD parent who had trained previously in agility, obedience, and tracking, had found herself without a furry companion for the first time in a while and was missing the energetic nature of a GSD. It was a match made in heaven. Paula has loved having Minnie around and expects her to graduate at the top of her obedience class. Happy Tails Minnie!


Riley has found his furever home! This good-looking gent came to the rescue from the Michiana Humane Society where he came in as an owner surrender. Sadly, his previous family could no longer care for him. But no worries for Riley, despite his grain and corn allergies, we knew he was a great dog with a bright future ahead of him. When we received an application from an adopter from a partner rescue, we knew we had found what we were looking for Riley. Amanda and Nathen were interested in adding to their family and needed a mellow and chill dog to hang with their boy, Goose. It didn't take too long into the meet and greet to realize that Riley was exactly what they needed to round out their family. Riley, now Ronin, has been settling in great and loves to nap next to his new furbrother, Goose. Happy Tails Ronin!


Happy Dance! Rudy has found his furever home. With the help of the the Miracle GSD Network, Rudy was rescued from a high-kill shelter in California after he came in as a stray. Upon intake, Rudy had a seizure that the shelter vet attributed to his poor condition and dehydration. The day before he was set to start his journey here, Rudy had a series of seizures and was immediately rushed to our vet. After his seizures were under control, testing was done and Rudy was diagnosed with epilepsy. He spent the next 5 weeks at Southern California Animal Hospital, getting his meds in order and recovering so that he would be well enough to travel. Once we got the okay from Doc, Rudy made his way cross country. We knew finding him the right home was crucial and we received several great applications for him. But one application stood out from the rest, not only were they a knowledgeable German Shepherd family but they had a medical background and experience with epilepsy. Having adopted from both Southwest Michigan German Shepherd Rescue and Vegas Shepherd Rescue (two partner rescues in our Miracle Family) was the icing on the cake! Being his goofy and loveable self, Rudy melted Sandie, Robert and Brooke's hearts in no time. Brittany and Zachary, unfortunately both had prior commitments and didn't make this meet and greet (where we took the adoption photo) but both love their new fur-brother too. Rudy has been settling in great, he loves walking along Lake Michigan, playing with all his toys and being spoiled by his new family. Happy Tails Rudy!


We are so excited to announce that Flint (now Fred/Freddie) has found the perfect furever home. We rescued Flint from the Moreno Valley shelter in CA with the help of the Miracle GSD Network. When Flint came into the shelter it was obvious he had been in a few scuffles on the street. Upon arrival at the rescue we knew instantly he was a very sensitive boy. Because he was such a great dog we had many outstanding applications for him. One however stood out from all the rest but unfortunately they were outside of our adoption area. We were sad that we had to tell them that although they'd be an amazing home for Flint they were simply too far away from the rescue. After further consideration and discussion, we were able to find a trusted partner rescue in Iowa who would do our home visit and also serve as a backup for Flint if for any reason he needed to return to the rescue here in Indiana. Michelle and Don passed their home visit with flying colors and got a glowing recommendation. So the next weekend Michelle and Don made the trip to the rescue here in Indiana and right from the very beginning of the meet and greet it was obvious Flint had chosen his people. We look forward to many updates. Happy Tails Freddie!

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