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Redemption German Shepherd Rescue is a registered 501(c)3 corporation founded in 2014. Based in Indiana, we do our best to assist German Shepherds in need throughout the country. Each dog that comes into our program is carefully evaluated and then placed into a foster home. We passionately believe that by living with our dogs we can learn more about them. Once we have spent some time getting to know each dog, we make the dog available for adoption.


When you apply to adopt one of our dogs you will go through an adoption process where we learn more about you, your experience and your lifestyle. Our goal is to offer you a service wherein you find a great furever companion!

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Happy National Rescue Dog Day!

On May 20th,  we celebrate our rescued dogs and remember all the benefits and joy they bring to our lives. No matter the breed, size or color, every rescue dog deserves a shout out today. Many often have overcome extreme obstacles and horrible situations to go on to provide comfort, love and security without hesitation.

How can you help celebrate?

Get involved in the lives of rescue dogs. There are a variety of ways to share the puppy love.


Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue. Taking dogs for walks, grooming and giving them plenty of affection improves their socialization. 


Shelters and rescues always need donations. Most shelters have a list of constant needs, such as blankets, bleach, toys, treats, and leashes.


If there is room in your life for a rescue dog, consider adoption and giving one a forever home.


Consider fostering. Many dogs abandoned to shelters and rescues require some medical care or rehabilitation. Familiarizing them with a home again, helps set the dog up for success in their new life.

Most important, please remember to spay and neuter your pets. Overpopulation is the number one reason shelters and rescues exist.

Our Sponsors and Rescue Friends

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Einstein always said his Banana Chews make a great Kong stuffer or are a perfect treat as-is. Did you know that bananas are a great source of fiber and minerals like potassium for your pup? Also when dried slowly, they become much sweeter and more chewy.


What You'll Need: 

Lemon Juice


How to make them:
1) Preheat the oven to 210ºF.
2) Line cookie sheet with parchment paper or silicon mat.
3) Peel bananas and cut in half length-wise
4) Lay slices of bananas on a cookie sheet.
5) Optional: Brush each slice with lemon juice (to prevent browning)
6) Bake for 1.5 hours (if you cook it longer it will be crunchy)
7) Optional: Drizzle some honey on the slices once cool for a sweeter treat.

Check out more scrumdiddlyumptious eats here!

Misty, German Shepherd
Misty, German Shepherd


Meet Misty!


Meet Misty! We rescued three year old Misty from Humane Indiana in Munster. Her previous owner tried to surrender Misty to the shelter but they could not bring her into their program at that time. Misty then showed up at Humane Indiana as a stray. They soon discovered she was heartworm positive and had a serious tail chasing problem. Despite being heartworm positive and her tail obsession, Misty was adopted by a previous adopter of the shelter. From the limited information we have, two weeks later Misty was removed from the home due to a hoarding type situation (not animals). Another dog in the home did not survive. Misty was lucky because she was there for only a short time and didn't suffer the way the other two in the home had. We heard Misty's story and knew we had to help even knowing heartworm treatment takes several months and valuable financial resources. Misty has completed heartworm treatment and has found her forever home. She really loves to cuddle with her new mom and has no concept of personal space. Misty is getting along well with new furbrother, Kal and loves romping with him in her fenced in backyard.         

                                               Happy Tails Misty!

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